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Which one do you like better?

Recently, Twitter and Facebook have both updated their sites.  There have been both positive and negative comments regarding this change.  But what has worried me the most is that they are becoming more and more alike.  Will they one day merge?  Will Conan’s joke become real life?

Facebook’s new design allowed for easier mobile usage, and I have been very happy with the new change.  We are all so accustomed to Facebook updating on an almost daily basis that it was not an adjustment.  That is about all I have to say for Facebook.

Twitter was a different story.  I, for one, think that the new Twitter design very strongly resembles that of Facebook, and I am nervous about the new changes.  Twitter added a new photo option that is almost the exact same as Facebook’s “cover photo.”  And now, it is much easier to view a Twitter user’s photos because a “timeline” of photos has been added as well.

I use Facebook, and I use Twitter.  And I tend to lean more towards using Twitter over Facebook because there is not nearly as much drama on Twitter as there is on Facebook.  This means that people don’t typically have conversations back and forth on Twitter, and if they do, the conversations are short and to the point because of the character limit on Tweets.  And if someone wants to do some productive stalking of photos, they usually get on Facebook to do that.  Or at least they USED to get on Facebook.  Now, Twitter has made that an easier option.

Are you happy or upset about the new Twitter design?  Do you think that Twitter should stay like it has been in the past or try to be more like Facebook….more of a “profile-friendly” social media platform?  Which social media platform do you enjoy the most between Facebook and Twitter?  And why is this so?