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Easy as 1, 2, 3

Well, this is my last blog post for MC495.  I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than talking about Alabama Football.  In a way.  So, (knock on wood), we might have another National Championship trip coming up soon.  So, I was helping my dad book a room in Miami two nights ago.  I couldn’t help but realize how EASY it was to find out about the area surrounding the hotel he picked, the reviews from the hotel he picked, and the distance from the stadium.

Social Media has changed our lives!!  The iPhone is so new and improved, Dad have everything he needs to know at his fingertips!  How has social media helped you?  In what ways do you use social media and reviews to assist you in booking a trip?  Would you feel comfortable booking a hotel for three nights without having read ANY online reviews?  Think about it.  It is almost expected in this day and age that reviews will be available.  We know what our hotel room will look like before we ever step foot into the door!

Needless to say, I cannot wait until this upcoming weekend for the SEC Championship!!! Let’s beat Georgia!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!


Dry Eyes?

Do you have chronic dry eyes?  Do your eyes ever burn?  You might be suffering from this because of your extreme usage of screens.  Social media is so popular these days that you might spend hours a day staring at a screen.  Listen up!!  I know, I know, this sounds like some kind of commercial.  But I’m not trying to sell you anything!!  It is a matter of becoming educated about the matter.  Here is a website that might can give you some more information on the topic that very few are talking about: http://www.allaboutvision.com/cvs/irritated.htm.

Some of the tips listed on this site are as follows:

  1. Get a better screen!  LCD screens are way better on the eyes.  If your job requires you to sit and stare at a screen all day long, this might be an investment worth the money!
  2. Adjust your screen settings.  Set your screen to warmer tones.  Cool tones require more eye strain.
  3. BLINK!  Blink more often!!!  Close your eyes for more than a few seconds every ten minutes to lubricate them.
  4. Exercise your eyes.  Look at something far away every few minutes and focus in on it.
  5. Most of all – TAKE A BREAK!!  Avoid looking at a screen during your lunch break.  Your iPhone can wait!!!

It is important that we follow these tips to avoid damaging our eyes in the future.  This is the first generation of avid computer users, so we might find in fifty years that we are all going blind because of it!!!  Be careful, and be sure to listen to the above tips.  Another site I found was this: http://www.wikihow.com/Avoid-Getting-Dry-Eyes-from-the-Computer.  It suggested to back up your screen and enlarge your letters slightly.

Good luck protecting your eyes!!!!

Something old, something new…

We’ve all seen how social media has changed through the years.  With all of the recent updates for Twitter, Facebook, and iPhones, it is hard to even keep up with the ever-changing environment of social media.  So, in response to that, some have decided to combine both the old and the new.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “What in the world does that mean?”  What I mean is that websites are popping up all over the place with ways to take social media into print.  And with this, you get websites like Shutterfly, who offers to take your social media pictures and combine them into a print format that can sit on your coffee table when you have guests over for dinner.  Their website says things like, “Turn your Facebook pictures into a real photo book.”  And yet another website, Blurb, offers the same thing and says, “From Facebook to photo book.

Another newly emerging development is from a website called Printsgram.  Their websites says that “you can create posters, stickers, and photo cubes of your design.”

In addition to these printed books being offered out there, Treat.com came up with an even fancier way of “staying connected” through a combination of social media and print.  Here, you can create greeting cards online, pulling in pictures from multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Shutterfly, and send them out to friends on a specified date.  Personalized cards have never been so easy.

So, what are your thoughts about this?  Are these companies simply trying to keep some of the old intact?  Or are they just trying to be creative?  Or are they trying to be inclusive with all age groups…even the elderly?  As more sites emerge that link social media and print together, I think there is a possibility that print might become more popular than it has been in the past couple of years.  Do you think this is a bizarre statement?  Let me know your thoughts…

Football is fun?…Zero fun sir.

Today, we are going to talk about football. That is, social media and football. These two subjects are seemingly unrelated, but they are becoming more and more connected each day.

The title might have caught your eye to begin with…IF you are a Remember the Titans fan. It seemed appropriate for today’s topic…

It used to be enough to have a beer in hand and a bowl of chips in reach to watch a football game. Now it is a juggling act with drink, snacks and a smartphone.

I went to the UA vs. Michigan game in Dallas, TX this past weekend, and I couldn’t help but notice that I didn’t have service throughout the entire game. I longed to send my dad a picture of me that someone had taken on the jumbotron, but I couldn’t because of my lack of service. I took a cute picture of our group and was dying to Instagram it, but I couldn’t because of my lack of service. It was a big inconvenience and distraction – even in the middle of the football game. Finally, after fussing with my phone for over 5 minutes, I wondered to myself “What have I become? Why isn’t WATCHING the game enough?”

So the question is, is football still “fun” for fans without their smartphones in hand? To delve a little more into this question, feel free to glance at this website.

UA Athletic director Mal Moore released a statement today that almost confirms my suspicions that football is no longer fun, sir, without social media at your fingertips. The University of Alabama must have realized this.

What is your opinion? Is football still “fun” without a sig on your beeper?