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Easy as 1, 2, 3

Well, this is my last blog post for MC495.  I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than talking about Alabama Football.  In a way.  So, (knock on wood), we might have another National Championship trip coming up soon.  So, I was helping my dad book a room in Miami two nights ago.  I couldn’t help but realize how EASY it was to find out about the area surrounding the hotel he picked, the reviews from the hotel he picked, and the distance from the stadium.

Social Media has changed our lives!!  The iPhone is so new and improved, Dad have everything he needs to know at his fingertips!  How has social media helped you?  In what ways do you use social media and reviews to assist you in booking a trip?  Would you feel comfortable booking a hotel for three nights without having read ANY online reviews?  Think about it.  It is almost expected in this day and age that reviews will be available.  We know what our hotel room will look like before we ever step foot into the door!

Needless to say, I cannot wait until this upcoming weekend for the SEC Championship!!! Let’s beat Georgia!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!


Uh Oh!!

So, your computer crashes….you lose all of your photos and your documents.  What to do?  Do you have social media accounts?  Social Media to the rescue!  It is so important to take advantage of the online storage capabilities provided for you on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Shutterfly, and Instagram.  If your computer crashes and you lose all your pictures, you really don’t lose ALL of your pictures.  Only the ones that were not posted on a social media platform.

Take a look at this website, and it will tell you different ways to store photos online.  The plus?  You can access your pictures from anywhere!!  Even from across the world!!  Click here: http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-57462902-285/comparing-the-best-ways-to-store-your-photos-online/ to read more.


So, don’t be that person that loses all of your pictures.  Be responsible.  Use Social Media!!!!


Projects galore!!!

So, we are currently working on the Mass Communication 495 Final Project.  We are working on figuring out a social media plan for Mozaik Software.  They are new to the business, so we have to start slow and work our way to the top with this company.  We are creating a video to explain what our plan was for the company.  Update**You can see that video by clicking here.

We will find out in the coming months which of our plans in the class Mozaik has chosen.  Meanwhile, I wanted to provide you with an excerpt from our social media plan.

Think about the last time you purchased a product over the price of $500.  Did you research that product at all before purchasing it?  Did you reason with yourself as to why you were going to make that purchase?  The simple fact is that most people do this.  BusinessNewsDaily recently surveyed 3,000 shoppers who had recently made a purchase of $500 or more.  Here were the most applicable results from this study:  the amount of time spent researching the product to be purchased ranged from 38 days to 115 days.  Most often, the search for the product to be purchased began online, but a vast majority of the time, 89 percent, it ended with a purchase made in a store.  This means a lot to the future of Mozaik.  People want to research their product before purchasing it.  The ultimate goal behind this online marketing strategy is to build an online foundation and to create an image so simple, yet so true, that customers will want to remain with Mozaik Software due to a phenomenon called brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty arises when a company has won over a customer; that customer will remain a loyal customer despite price differences with competitors simply because that customer feels attached to the company in some way.  Brand loyalty comes after earning the trust and respect of clients.  A quick web search revealed a few of the reasons customers might become loyal to one company.  The company should be better than anyone else, and it should do one thing very well.  Mozaik’s “one thing” would be to care for the happiness of its customers.  Others choose to be loyal to one company because it has created a sense of belonging to them.  Mozaik could strive to create this sense of belonging by engaging customers in an online social media platform such as Twitter.  Credibility is another top reason a client will choose to be loyal.  Mozaik Software is an incredibly interactive cabinet-making software that does exactly what it says it will do and more.  This will greatly help in the goal of achieving brand loyalty with clients.  To maintain this credibility, Mozaik must also have regular postings on social media platforms to remain credible in the eyes of consumers.  Accessibility is another key reason behind brand loyalty.  Customers want accessibility to a brand’s customer service team, and they also want to ability to have a voice within the company.  Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow this accessibility to become a reality.

The essential message Mozaik Software needs to portray to consumers is that Mozaik Software cares about involving, getting feedback, and providing for the needs of each client.  This involvement and care for customer satisfaction can be shown primarily through the regular usage of social media platforms.  Moreover, if this essential message is delivered effectively and consistently, it has the potential to achieve for Mozaik Software brand loyalty among clients.

What do you think of this?  And what would you change?