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Back when viral meant viral…

It’s a term that we hear often these days.  Something has “gone viral.”  Back when our parents were our age, if something “went viral” that meant that there was a big sickness going around.  It reminds me of Tim McGraw’s “Back When.”

Well, a video went viral this week.  It is an amazing video from all aspects, and you should definitely take a look at it when you get a chance.  A young girl who appears to be Southeast Asian decides to karaoke a Whitney Houston song at what appears to be a supermarket of some sort.  Someone at the supermarket videoed it and posted it online, and now everyone is trying to figure out who in the world she is.

You can read more about the girl and the incident by clicking here.  But this video made me start thinking about how connected our world has become.  It is speculated that the video was shot in the Phillipines or in Singapore.  No one knows for sure, but everyone knows that she has the voice of an angel, and people are talking about her all over the world.  There are even rumors that Ellen DeGeneres is trying to get the girl to come to the United States to perform on her show.  One simple video that “went viral” caused all of this to happen.

A recent survey of 40 executives at top U.S. creative ad agencies and media buying firms was just released by Feed Company.  It asked those executives, “How many views make a viral video a success?”  Here are the results:

Survey Results

So here are my questions for you…how many views do you think make a viral video a success?  And how much does it take to make a video go viral?  In other words, do you think it is the luck of the draw and that some stupid videos make it viral while important ones are left out?  Or do you think that true talent and true creativity can always make it viral?