To bore or not to bore…that is the question

Over the period of the past few weeks I decided that my dad’s company, Bass Agency Real Estate in Andalusia, Alabama, was in need of some online presence.  Bass Agency is a family run company, and it has been going strong since 1946.  But it is also managed the same way it has been managed since 1946.  This means social media has been out of the equation.

The company is primarily a real estate agency, but my dad also handles over 600 storage units located throughout Andalusia.  The uses for these storage units vary, but they are typically rented an average of about six months.  Bass Agency gets new listings every day and also handles the rental homes of many property owners.

With this information, I am trying to develop a Facebook page and a Twitter page with information that visitors would find interesting and applicable to them – even if they do not currently have a storage unit with Bass Agency or even if they are not in the market to buy or rent a home.  All too often real estate companies make the mistake of posting new listings, “NEW HOUSE FOR SALE!” or “NOW ONLY $74,500,” on a daily basis.  This frequent posting does not apply to every person who keeps up with the company, so people soon get burnt out about hearing the same things every day that do not apply to them.  So it is very important to avoid this common mistake when creating a page for a real estate company.  You cannot bore your customers.

The pages are up, but there is little information listed on them.  I thought of “real estate trivia” as an option, but soon realized no one was interested.  What is something that you would include on a real estate company’s social media page?  How far is too far?  To find out more information about Bass Agency, please click here.


Bass Agency Real Estate



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