Is 3 REALLY the Magic Number?

So, today’s post is somewhat related to last week’s post. Overall, it has to do with how dependent we are upon social media.

When I think back on my ninth grade social media use, I think of this:

I had just received my first cell phone. It was a huge, silver Nokia flip phone that could have easily injured someone if it had been hurled in their direction. It had T9Word text messaging, and it had Snake. So, in other words, it had it ALL. Or so I thought…

Fast forward to my senior year of college, and here is what you will find:

I am currently the owner of an iPhone 4S. I woke up this morning to an alarm that Siri set for me last night. While drinking my coffee, I checked not only my text messages, but also my e-mail, my Facebook, my Twitter, my GroupMe, my Snapchat, and my WordPress accounts. Then, at 9:00 AM Siri reminded me that I had homework due at 5:00 PM.

I found myself checking that long list of social media outlets again at 11:15 AM. When I glanced at the girl next to me in the nail salon and realized she was doing the same thing, it occurred to me that social media is indeed becoming the rule rather than the exception. Others are even saying it is an addiction.

Out of curiosity, how many social media outlets do you check on a daily basis? I am 21, and I have seven outlets (listed above). What about you? And how do you feel about it being called an addiction?


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  1. I have several as well. I like to think it is because I am a PR major and I need to stay connected, but in all reality I am slightly dependent upon my social media. I check everything before I get up in the morning. It has become routine, like brushing my teeth. I think that there is actually a disorder that has been recorded in the DSM that has to do with a social media addiction. It is called “Internet Addiction Disorder”. It seems that we are way more dependent than we thought. I think the key is balance, and remembering our in person connections are much more important than our digital ones.

  2. I currently have 7 apps in my designated ‘Social Media’ folder on my iPhone. Out of those 7, I only regularly check 4 of those: Twitter, Facebook, foursquare and Instagram. 9 times out of 10, I’ll check at least twitter before I even get out of the bed in the mornings. I can definitely understand why some people are saying that social media is a real addiction. Everything is right at our fingertips and we’re constantly wanting to know who is doing what.

  3. I have about six social media apps on my phone now, and I am sure that will continue to increase. I find that when I check one, I feel the need to check in with every other one as well. So I will usually start with Twitter, move on to Instagram, then to Facebook and so on. The only network I rarely check on is LinkedIn. And I credit that mostly to where I am in life and where my interests lie. For me, LinkedIn is the least “exciting” outlet, and therefore I really only look at it when my phone notifies me to do so. But I agree with you Clara, it is amazing how much our routines with our phones have changed and continue to do so on almost a daily basis.

  4. As much as I love social media sites, I do not have as many as most of my friends and siblings. I have 3 that I check regularly, and those are probably the top 3: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I get why people call it an addiction, because it is definitely addicting, but some people take it too far when they are saying that in a negative way. There are a lot worse things that people our age could be addicted to, so I dont mind when my parents make comments that im addicted to my cell phone (which I use mainly to check my social media sites and text message)

  5. I really do believe that it is a slight addiction. I attempted to deactivate my Facebook and that lasted a good two weeks. I realized I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would but that is probably because I had become so addicted to instagram. I currently have about 7 social media apps on my phone. I am pretty sure I am not alone when I say I check 3 of those before I go to sleep and again soon as I wake up. Its how I get my news and stay in the loop. Like Cortney Johnston stated earlier, there are a lot worse things we could be addicted to though.

  6. I completely agree with you that it has become a bad addiction! I mainly check three: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I have snapchat and groupme, but I only check those if I get a message or a picture. I pretty much see everything on my news feeds, which is a major problem. I’ve been trying to put my phone away. I have successfully achieved this when I have been out of town for soccer and I always leave my phone in my room. I am trying to get better. I think it has become a major issue in our generation.

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