Football is fun?…Zero fun sir.

Today, we are going to talk about football. That is, social media and football. These two subjects are seemingly unrelated, but they are becoming more and more connected each day.

The title might have caught your eye to begin with…IF you are a Remember the Titans fan. It seemed appropriate for today’s topic…

It used to be enough to have a beer in hand and a bowl of chips in reach to watch a football game. Now it is a juggling act with drink, snacks and a smartphone.

I went to the UA vs. Michigan game in Dallas, TX this past weekend, and I couldn’t help but notice that I didn’t have service throughout the entire game. I longed to send my dad a picture of me that someone had taken on the jumbotron, but I couldn’t because of my lack of service. I took a cute picture of our group and was dying to Instagram it, but I couldn’t because of my lack of service. It was a big inconvenience and distraction – even in the middle of the football game. Finally, after fussing with my phone for over 5 minutes, I wondered to myself “What have I become? Why isn’t WATCHING the game enough?”

So the question is, is football still “fun” for fans without their smartphones in hand? To delve a little more into this question, feel free to glance at this website.

UA Athletic director Mal Moore released a statement today that almost confirms my suspicions that football is no longer fun, sir, without social media at your fingertips. The University of Alabama must have realized this.

What is your opinion? Is football still “fun” without a sig on your beeper?



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  1. I think that football will always be fun, it’s just that social media has made it, just like everything else affected by social media, more immersive. The recent news about the university working to improve cell service is very interesting. It seems just like yesterday when they were trying to ban live updating any game information from within the stadium.

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