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I was doing WHAT?!

Don’t you just love it?  When you get a notification on your iPhone, “Mary posted three photos of you.”  You click it and “WHOA! I HAD NO IDEA SHE HAD ZOOMED IN THAT MUCH!” or “Do I really look like that when I laugh?!”

There are always going to be those pictures of yourself that you simply will never like.  Usually, all you have to do is click “untag.”  But what if it was there to stay?  What if it was viewable by people other than your friends?

Welcome to Google Street View.  I found these photos while doing a little research on social media privacy, and couldn’t help but post them on here.  These days, you have to worry about what pictures or videos might “go viral” (as mentioned in a previous post).  So, is Google Street View an invasion of privacy?  Many invasion of privacy questions have come up regarding embarrassing or revealing photos taken by Google on their quest for Street View.  Do you think that this is an invasion of privacy?  Read a little more here or see what Wikipedia has to say here.

So what would you think about finding a picture of yourself arguing with someone on your cell phone or sunbathing on your lawn?  Would you mind if it was out there for the entire world to view?  Do you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your own car?  These are the kinds of questions that are being brought up regarding Google Street View.

A more detailed description of Google Street View can be found here.  Google said in a statement that “It takes privacy very seriously and acts quickly to remove objectionable imagery.”  But what if they thought it was a good photo of you??

Kick me while I'm down...

Kick me while I’m down…



Which one do you like better?

Recently, Twitter and Facebook have both updated their sites.  There have been both positive and negative comments regarding this change.  But what has worried me the most is that they are becoming more and more alike.  Will they one day merge?  Will Conan’s joke become real life?

Facebook’s new design allowed for easier mobile usage, and I have been very happy with the new change.  We are all so accustomed to Facebook updating on an almost daily basis that it was not an adjustment.  That is about all I have to say for Facebook.

Twitter was a different story.  I, for one, think that the new Twitter design very strongly resembles that of Facebook, and I am nervous about the new changes.  Twitter added a new photo option that is almost the exact same as Facebook’s “cover photo.”  And now, it is much easier to view a Twitter user’s photos because a “timeline” of photos has been added as well.

I use Facebook, and I use Twitter.  And I tend to lean more towards using Twitter over Facebook because there is not nearly as much drama on Twitter as there is on Facebook.  This means that people don’t typically have conversations back and forth on Twitter, and if they do, the conversations are short and to the point because of the character limit on Tweets.  And if someone wants to do some productive stalking of photos, they usually get on Facebook to do that.  Or at least they USED to get on Facebook.  Now, Twitter has made that an easier option.

Are you happy or upset about the new Twitter design?  Do you think that Twitter should stay like it has been in the past or try to be more like Facebook….more of a “profile-friendly” social media platform?  Which social media platform do you enjoy the most between Facebook and Twitter?  And why is this so?

Back when viral meant viral…

It’s a term that we hear often these days.  Something has “gone viral.”  Back when our parents were our age, if something “went viral” that meant that there was a big sickness going around.  It reminds me of Tim McGraw’s “Back When.”

Well, a video went viral this week.  It is an amazing video from all aspects, and you should definitely take a look at it when you get a chance.  A young girl who appears to be Southeast Asian decides to karaoke a Whitney Houston song at what appears to be a supermarket of some sort.  Someone at the supermarket videoed it and posted it online, and now everyone is trying to figure out who in the world she is.

You can read more about the girl and the incident by clicking here.  But this video made me start thinking about how connected our world has become.  It is speculated that the video was shot in the Phillipines or in Singapore.  No one knows for sure, but everyone knows that she has the voice of an angel, and people are talking about her all over the world.  There are even rumors that Ellen DeGeneres is trying to get the girl to come to the United States to perform on her show.  One simple video that “went viral” caused all of this to happen.

A recent survey of 40 executives at top U.S. creative ad agencies and media buying firms was just released by Feed Company.  It asked those executives, “How many views make a viral video a success?”  Here are the results:

Survey Results

So here are my questions for you…how many views do you think make a viral video a success?  And how much does it take to make a video go viral?  In other words, do you think it is the luck of the draw and that some stupid videos make it viral while important ones are left out?  Or do you think that true talent and true creativity can always make it viral?

Something old, something new…

We’ve all seen how social media has changed through the years.  With all of the recent updates for Twitter, Facebook, and iPhones, it is hard to even keep up with the ever-changing environment of social media.  So, in response to that, some have decided to combine both the old and the new.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “What in the world does that mean?”  What I mean is that websites are popping up all over the place with ways to take social media into print.  And with this, you get websites like Shutterfly, who offers to take your social media pictures and combine them into a print format that can sit on your coffee table when you have guests over for dinner.  Their website says things like, “Turn your Facebook pictures into a real photo book.”  And yet another website, Blurb, offers the same thing and says, “From Facebook to photo book.

Another newly emerging development is from a website called Printsgram.  Their websites says that “you can create posters, stickers, and photo cubes of your design.”

In addition to these printed books being offered out there, came up with an even fancier way of “staying connected” through a combination of social media and print.  Here, you can create greeting cards online, pulling in pictures from multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Shutterfly, and send them out to friends on a specified date.  Personalized cards have never been so easy.

So, what are your thoughts about this?  Are these companies simply trying to keep some of the old intact?  Or are they just trying to be creative?  Or are they trying to be inclusive with all age groups…even the elderly?  As more sites emerge that link social media and print together, I think there is a possibility that print might become more popular than it has been in the past couple of years.  Do you think this is a bizarre statement?  Let me know your thoughts…

Is 3 REALLY the Magic Number?

So, today’s post is somewhat related to last week’s post. Overall, it has to do with how dependent we are upon social media.

When I think back on my ninth grade social media use, I think of this:

I had just received my first cell phone. It was a huge, silver Nokia flip phone that could have easily injured someone if it had been hurled in their direction. It had T9Word text messaging, and it had Snake. So, in other words, it had it ALL. Or so I thought…

Fast forward to my senior year of college, and here is what you will find:

I am currently the owner of an iPhone 4S. I woke up this morning to an alarm that Siri set for me last night. While drinking my coffee, I checked not only my text messages, but also my e-mail, my Facebook, my Twitter, my GroupMe, my Snapchat, and my WordPress accounts. Then, at 9:00 AM Siri reminded me that I had homework due at 5:00 PM.

I found myself checking that long list of social media outlets again at 11:15 AM. When I glanced at the girl next to me in the nail salon and realized she was doing the same thing, it occurred to me that social media is indeed becoming the rule rather than the exception. Others are even saying it is an addiction.

Out of curiosity, how many social media outlets do you check on a daily basis? I am 21, and I have seven outlets (listed above). What about you? And how do you feel about it being called an addiction?

Football is fun?…Zero fun sir.

Today, we are going to talk about football. That is, social media and football. These two subjects are seemingly unrelated, but they are becoming more and more connected each day.

The title might have caught your eye to begin with…IF you are a Remember the Titans fan. It seemed appropriate for today’s topic…

It used to be enough to have a beer in hand and a bowl of chips in reach to watch a football game. Now it is a juggling act with drink, snacks and a smartphone.

I went to the UA vs. Michigan game in Dallas, TX this past weekend, and I couldn’t help but notice that I didn’t have service throughout the entire game. I longed to send my dad a picture of me that someone had taken on the jumbotron, but I couldn’t because of my lack of service. I took a cute picture of our group and was dying to Instagram it, but I couldn’t because of my lack of service. It was a big inconvenience and distraction – even in the middle of the football game. Finally, after fussing with my phone for over 5 minutes, I wondered to myself “What have I become? Why isn’t WATCHING the game enough?”

So the question is, is football still “fun” for fans without their smartphones in hand? To delve a little more into this question, feel free to glance at this website.

UA Athletic director Mal Moore released a statement today that almost confirms my suspicions that football is no longer fun, sir, without social media at your fingertips. The University of Alabama must have realized this.

What is your opinion? Is football still “fun” without a sig on your beeper?