Welcome to my thoughts…

It has been one year since the devastating tornado that changed the landscape of Tuscaloosa and the hearts of all its residents forever.  It is remarkable to think about how much has changed in only one year.  My prayers and my thoughts are with those who lost loved ones on the tragic day of April 27, 2011.  We will never forget.

With that being said, the newsroom is more laid back than usual today.  All the scripts for today were written well in advance, in preparation of today’s coverage of the one year anniversary of the tornado.  It is on days like this that I count my blessings…

So, I’m sitting here, answering phones.  I decided to make use of my time and list a few story ideas.  Consider this my rough draft of story ideas.  WARNING: there are probably a lot of incomplete sentences because I think in incomplete sentences.  If you do not approve of this, please do not read the following list 🙂

1. Exercising helps to boost mental concentration in addition to providing health benefits/Source: Doctor and Psychologist/Shots: Feet running on a treadmill, an over the shoulder shot of someone taking a test, a doctor checking the heartbeat of a patient/Tease: Coming up on the news at ten…We all know that exercising is good for you, but does it boost or reduce your mental concentration?

2. Unusually fast typing speeds can greatly improve your chances of getting a job/Source: Professor from the Computer Science Department at UA and a business that is offering jobs to fast typists (an active interview with the employer showing the test procedure administered in job interview would be interesting)/Shots:  Typing fingers on a keyboard, an employer interviewing a potential employee, letters being typed on a screen/Tease: With unemployment on the rise, it’s good to know one job still has openings…under one condition.  More to come on the news at ten.

3. With gel polish becoming more popular, it is important to note the proper removal of it.  Beware of salon owners who remove it incorrectly; it can permanently damage the nail. /Source: Salon owner who knows how to properly remove the gel polish and an unhappy customer that went to the wrong salon (be sure not to name any salon…be sure not to turn into an advertisement of “Come to this salon because they remove it properly!”…keep it informational)/Shots: The gel polish being painted on someone’s nails, fingers soaking in the acetone solution, a finished hand and fingernails with gel polish on them, a lady paying the salon owner/Tease: Gel polish is a new trend, but the experts have some tips to lend.  Coming up on the news at 10 we’ll let you know what to beware of in the salon.



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