The Top Five

So, today wrapped up TCF 332.  I decided to make a list of the top 5 things I learned in TCF 332 that I never want to forget.  Of course, I learned a LOT more things than 5, but I wanted to choose the ones that I considered the most applicable.

  1. Sound bites should mean something or convey some type of emotion that the reporter cannot convey.
  2. Learn how to be a one man band.  Learn how to write, report, shoot, and edit in order to be marketable in the competitive broadcast industry.
  3. Always have a list of story ideas with you.  Because of this, I’ve started a list that I plan on keeping for a while.  I am constantly adding things to this list.  Hopefully it will eventually pay off!!
  4. Be willing to start at the bottom, and I mean BOTTOM, of the totem pole.  Your first job might not be a glorious one, but keep pushing harder and harder, and you might get lucky.
  5. Constantly try to network.  This industry has a lot to do with who you know.  Remember: who you know can get you the job; what you know can keep you the job.

It has been a fun semester, and I look forward to applying the above lessons and more to my future classses and career. cb


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