Happy Elmer

I’m at WVUA today. Just a second ago, I answered the phone. The person on the other end asked for Sports, and I asked who was speaking. For privacy purposes, let’s say his name was Elmer*.  I sent the call to Sports but asked them if they’d rather me take a message. I learned seconds later that Elmer calls ALL the time just to chat. So, it was to my surprise when I heard someone in Sports talking to Elmer. They spoke for a few minutes.

Keep in mind this was right before the 6:00 news. I decided that the Sports staff was simply trying to cater to the viewers and to serve the public – even though it was an inconvenient hour. I know for a fact that Elmer was happy when he hung up the phone. With that being the overall goal for radio and television (pleasing the audience), I will keep this situation in mind for future reference. *names in this story have been changed. cb


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