Tips of the Trade

For a class assignment recently, we had to email someone involved in Radio or Television…within the news sector.  So, of course, I emailed Blaine Wilson from WAAO Radio & Television based out of my hometown: Andalusia, AL.

We only had to submit ten.  But Blaine emailed me about 50 tips!  I thought maybe I should share my favorite ones in the blog.  So, for those of you (who are bored enough to be reading my lonesome blog) who MIGHT be interested in reporting hard news on radio or television, these tips might be helpful:

-To be in this business one must dedicate their entire life to serving their community, their fellow man/woman, their audience.

-If you took this job for the money… made the wrong choice!

-Your computer has spell check…..USE IT!

-Always pre-read your news before going to air. NEVER mis-pronounce a word or name LIVE on the air. The quickest way to lose your credibility with your audience is to show your disconnect by not understanding your audience and the community you serve.

-If you’re not always thinking 3 minutes ahead…’re already behind!

-One of the first and most important things new reporters and on-air talent must learn BEFORE going to air is local geography and local politics. You do whatever you have to do to learn your community as quickly as possible. Sure, you don’t have to, but you’ll be fortunate to be employed if you don’t.

-Ask the questions the people want answered. Know the truth and don’t stop until it is exposed. Leave them to decide for themselves. Your job is done. Move on to the next job. REPEAT Process.

-You’re tired? So what….everyone here is as well! Now, do your job and stop complaining…..and smile….you’re on camera!

-Go to sleep with a change of clothes beside your bed. Never power-off your telephone. Keep fully-charged batteries and A/V capture cards ready to work. Keep gasoline in your tank. Don’t get ready…….BE READY!



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