Spell it right!

I just got a really good laugh.  I’m sitting here at WVUA, killing time on Google.  Occasionally, I Google myself to make sure I have a decent online presence; I have heard this is important to have with my major.  So, after I Googled myself, I decided to Google my boyfriend…just for kicks.  Up popped a story about him that happened back in March 2010.  He and his father were fishing in Destin, FL when they rescued three young boys from the water.  My boyfriend’s Dad, Herman*, is a banker.  Below is an excerpt from the internet story:

Herman* said he’s always liked stories about small decisions making big differences. This week, he has one of his own.

Tuesday, he went to Destin to take his son Arnold* and some friends fishing in the Gulf. The boys had been at the helm and had had no luck finding fish.

“I thought we were too close in,” the Andalusia baker said. So he took over and took the boat out farther, looking for cobia.

“We were about a mile offshore,” Herman said. “I saw some splashing and thought it was fish or a porpoise.”

The thought of him wearing a chef’s hat and being a baker makes me laugh!  Oh how spell check is important!  Haha. *Names in this story have been changed. cb


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