Breaking news is fun

Well, I’m at WVUA again.  Interning, of course.  As you know, my primary job during interning is to answer the phones.  Sometimes I run errands, and sometimes the phones don’t ring.  But today has been pretty interesting so far.  It started off pretty relaxed…everyone moving around pretty quietly while the 5:00 PM news script came together.  We then did the Veggie Tales winner and the phones rang off the hook.  As this was calming down, the phone rang again.  I answered.  On the line we had a viewer out of Tuscaloosa reporting that tons of police cars were at the Bent Tree Apartment complex and that they looked like they were going door to door.  So, I had the honor of turning around to the newsroom and announcing this.  It was pretty fun.  Everyone quickly decided which reporters would head to the scene…two reporters ended up leaving about four minutes after the phone call.  Talk about being prepared!! cb


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