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Under my About Me section, you might have seen that I’m on Capstone Men & Women.  Well, to make a long story short, we were invited the other day to take part in the new series of UA commercials.  They are updating the “Touching Lives” commercials to a new topic, and we had to serve as extras for the new commerials. 

First things first…did you know that The University hires actors to perform the main roles in these commercials?  We have a wonderful theatre department over in Rowand-Johnson Hall, but we HIRE actors to play students, professors, and parents in the commercials.  Beats me.

On a lighter note…it was pretty fun participating in the shoot.  I started off my collegiate career as a Telecommunication & Film major with a concentration in Media Production.  I was in that sequence two years before I switched over to the Broadcast News sequence.  So, thankfully, my background in Media Production is a little more comprehensive than that of other students in the Broadcast News sequence.  Terms like, “Roll Video” and “Speed” made me feel like I was in sophomore year again, shooting the short film for my Media Production course. 

For the commercial, I was assigned to ride a bike through the shot and was asked to maintain the same speed throughout each shot.  They didn’t tell me why…but I knew.  I was tempted to do something different in each shot, just to give the editor a run for his money, but I decided I would help the poor guy out a little bit and repeat the same movements during each take.  Ohhh the joys of meticulous editing…I don’t miss it one bit. cb


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