The Dan Patrick Show

This morning, I’ve been watching The Dan Patrick Show.  I made a few mental notes during the show:

  • They need a tripod!!!  We have gone over this NUMEROUS times in TCF 332, and so it really stuck out to me when I saw the shakey video.
  • I noticed that since the show is a radio show that is on television, they do commercials throughout the radio show and the television commercial breaks.  Talk about income from advertisement!
  • One of the guys was talking about interviews at some point during the show.  He said a lot of times people ask to see the interview questions.  He said he wants a genuine interview, so he tells them that he doesn’t know the questions he is going to ask until he asks them.  Good answer…I might use that in the future.  We have also brought up this point in class before.  In class, we have said that it raises some ethical concerns if you let the person you are interviewing see your questions beforehand.  Their answers might not be genuine, so it is better to catch them off guard to get a true response.  You might can give them a few topics that you might ask about, but it is better not to reveal the entire question. cb

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