Things I’ve learned recently…

  1. Well done nat. sound makes an audio piece a million times more interesting and appealing.  I’ve gotten to where I walk around campus and find myself thinking things like, “I could mic that Crimson Ride bus right as the red light turns green and get some pretty cool nat. sound if I was telling a bus story.”  #tcfmajorproblems
  2. Having a local professional to “bring the story home” also helps to keep an audience interested.
  3. Here’s a little analogy I’ve thought about recently…Nat. sound is to radio as B-roll is to television.  Both are SO important and are the keys that make the difference between a story and a story well told.
  4. I sound like I have a lisp in audio pieces…I need to figure out what the problem is and work on it, because sounding like you have a lisp and having the last name “Bass” doesn’t necessarily work together.
That’s all for now. cb

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