Yes, I like weight training

So, I had quite the experience this past week.  I was working on a class project entitled “Mini-Doc.”  For the project, we had to have 3 soundbites, and we also had to record some nat. sound.  I went to the University’s Recreation Center to get a few interviews and to record some nat. sound.  I was searching through the crowd of the Rec Center looking for a good candidate to tell me why he/she enjoyed exercising and if he/she thought exercising or sleep was more important.

My eyes fell on a guy playing basketball alone in the second gym.  He was pretty tall, and although he looked Japanese, it didn’t strike me until I began asking him questions that he might only speak Japanese.  The painfully short interview continued on and all he could say was “yes”…….”yes (insert nod and smile)”……so finally I asked him why he liked to play basketball and why he came out to the rec center that morning.  He smiled really big and finally got the words out, “Yes…I like…weight…training.”

After thanking him for his time and wishing him a good day, I got a good laugh out of my inexperience.  Poor guy; I’m sure he was SO out of his element.  Thankfully, I stumbled upon a perfect candidate on my way out of the gym and got a great soundbite from him.  Next time, I will try to look for an English speaking student to begin with!! cb


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