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Yes, I like weight training

So, I had quite the experience this past week.  I was working on a class project entitled “Mini-Doc.”  For the project, we had to have 3 soundbites, and we also had to record some nat. sound.  I went to the University’s Recreation Center to get a few interviews and to record some nat. sound.  I was searching through the crowd of the Rec Center looking for a good candidate to tell me why he/she enjoyed exercising and if he/she thought exercising or sleep was more important.

My eyes fell on a guy playing basketball alone in the second gym.  He was pretty tall, and although he looked Japanese, it didn’t strike me until I began asking him questions that he might only speak Japanese.  The painfully short interview continued on and all he could say was “yes”…….”yes (insert nod and smile)”……so finally I asked him why he liked to play basketball and why he came out to the rec center that morning.  He smiled really big and finally got the words out, “Yes…I like…weight…training.”

After thanking him for his time and wishing him a good day, I got a good laugh out of my inexperience.  Poor guy; I’m sure he was SO out of his element.  Thankfully, I stumbled upon a perfect candidate on my way out of the gym and got a great soundbite from him.  Next time, I will try to look for an English speaking student to begin with!! cb


The show goes on…not

Well I’m sitting outside of Reese Phifer Hall right now where the fire alarm just went off.  We had people on the air at WVUA who had to come off the air when the alarm began.  They had to run a crawl apologizing for the “maintenance issue” instead of calling it a “fire alarm” in an effort not to alarm people.  I have never thought about this case before, but I guess now I know what happens!  We have been outside for 15 minutes so far and the alarm continues.  Where is the Tuscaloosa Fire Department?

Audio Production

Well, tomorrow in class we will produce the bridge story that I wrote last week.  We worked on it a little bit last week, but didn’t begin to put the clips together at all.  So when I went home, I downloaded some free audio editing software on my personal computer and went ahead and produced it myself to get a feel for what it would sound like in the end.  We’ll have to use the real equipment in the studio to make the final copy to turn in to our professor, but I’m excited about what it’s going to sound like!  Audio editing is what got me interested in Telecommunication & Film to begin with…so it’s neat to get to work on it for a grade!  More to come later. cb

Another day another dollar…

Another day at WVUA…it’s sweeps time, so the newsroom is busy!  Everyone is scrounging around making phone calls for the 10 PM news.  One of the major stories in development is the shortage of Methotrexate, a drug used in the treatment of childhood cancer.  Another is how the entire campus of UA is lighting up pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It’s pretty neat to listen to how the stories develop even over the period of a few hours in order to provide the most credible and most interesting story possible for the viewers. 

A wise woman in broadcasting once said, “”I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention.” (Diane Sawyer) 

I think I would be safe to say this newsroom assistant position has taught me just that. cb

Do what you like; like what you do

This morning, while making the final edits to a radio project I was working on for class, something hit me.  It is SO much easier to write about something in which you are actually interested.  As mentioned in my About Me section, my 2nd minor is Interdisciplinary Health Sciences.  I love science.  My radio project was about some amazing, groundbreaking stem cell research for Multiple Sclerosis and Metachromatic Leukodystrophy.  My father has MS, so this topic REALLY interested me.  I loved researching it, and the story turned out to be pretty awesome.  (Or at least in my opinion!  We will see when I get my grade back!! Haha.)

I will finish by saying I guess it shows when you enjoy something…from here on out, I’m going to do my best to focus on writing stories that not only will interest others, but will interest me as well.  Hey, do what you like; like what you do… cb

“If ya ain’t first, you’re last…”

Today is one of my days to intern at WVUA.  I figured I would blog about it since part of my grade in my TCF interning course is based off of journaling about the internship.  I’m a newsroom assistant, and my job consists primarily of answering the phones when they ring.  On Wednesdays, there is another newsroom assistant in addition to myself, so we take turns answering the phones.  Also, every Wednesday around 4:30 there is a contest.  We have about a 1 minute period where we can’t answer the phones at all, and then they start going crazy.  Obviously, there can only be one winner. I always feel bad telling people that we already have a winner, but Josh (the other newsroom assistant) and I still get a good laugh out of it every time because people get so upset about not being the winner.  cb